Corporate Communications

Three Ways the C-suite Can Support Corporate Communications

It's important for C-suite executives to be in sync with the rest of their organization, including the corporate communications team. Here are three important ways in which C-level executives can support the efforts of the corporate communications team.

How to Develop a Winning Corporate Voice

Think of your brand`s corporate voice like you would a singer in a rock band. When a lead singer is performing well, he or she can elevate a simple song into something great. When that singer is off-key, the whole tune falls apart. (Think of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody sung by virtually anyone other than Freddy Mercury and you get the picture.)

4 Videos to Boost Brand Awareness

A study by 3M found that 90 per cent of the information transmitted to the brain is from visual cues. […]

Stop Getting “Pitch Slapped”

By Alyssa Sy de Jesus, PR Coordinator, Magnolia Communications Rejection is a natural part of the PR process, especially when it comes […]

5 Must-Read Public Relations Books for 2014

By Dena Jackson, @denajackson and Mira Blumenthal, @mirablu Start your 2014 off with some PR focused water-cooler material. We’ve come up […]