How to Build a Canadian Brand: Advice from CEOs

Canada is the most diverse country in the G8. With more than 7 million foreign born residents, one of the country’s strengths is its diversity. However, this presents unique challenges for brands looking to reach customers and build a corporate identity.

How Brands Are Disrupting Life As We Know It

Brands today aren’t just creating new products to drive commerce. Some are taking it a step further and building new infrastructure. What is your brand building?

How to Stand Out in a Highly Competitive Marketplace

The consumer marketplace today, no matter the industry, is highly saturated. Whether its clothing, soft drinks, coffee, or the latest tech gadget, consumers are inundated with advertisements everywhere they turn making it more challenging than ever for brands to stand out among the noise

How to Develop a Winning Corporate Voice

Think of your brand`s corporate voice like you would a singer in a rock band. When a lead singer is performing well, he or she can elevate a simple song into something great. When that singer is off-key, the whole tune falls apart. (Think of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody sung by virtually anyone other than Freddy Mercury and you get the picture.)

How to Leverage a Celebrity Endorsement

In a single tweet celebrities can rocket a PR message into the stratosphere. Think back to the 2014 Oscars when […]

5 Keys to Rewarding Word of Mouth Marketing

In a study performed by American Express Canada of 1,000 consumers, 94 percent of Canadians share their experiences (negative or […]

#BestPractices: 3 Hashtag Dos and Don’ts for Your Brand

The hashtag is a remarkable tool for today’s social communicator. It enables conversations, segmentation, organization and analysis. It is a […]

Why Professional Monitoring Works

Some business managers assume that a financial analysis alone tells the whole story of a brand’s performance. Not so. Over […]

Free Webinar Recording: Government 2.0

Creating a government social media strategy can be challenging. Public sector industries often struggle to adapt digital mediums to their […]

The State of Travel Blogging 2013

Make travel bloggers part of your influencer outreach strategy. According to a survey conducted by travel company FHR, 91 per […]

Why ANTM Matters to PR and Brand Managers

By Julie Geller, @juliegeller Smizing and tooching, huh? Get past Tyra Banks’s nonsensical lingo about smiling eyes and butt posture, […]

Why Copyright Law Matters to Canadians

Panelists weigh in on the issues surrounding Copyright in Canada Ashlee Froese: Gilberts LLP @brandfashionlaw Daniel Henry, McMaster University Matthew […]