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Cision Services

Real people providing help, expertise and customization for your campaigns. Get Cision’s team of experts working for you.

Cision Global Analysis

Gain insights and expertise

From tailored ongoing measurement programs to easily digestible daily emails summarizing the important stories of the day, we give you the intelligence that demonstrates the unique value of your PR.

CisionPoint Services

Have our team do the legwork

When automated solutions just won’t do, we provide the resources to help you get the job done. Whether you need assistance filtering coverage, toning articles or creating custom reports, Cision’s team can do a little or do it all.

Influencer Reports

Find the best influencers in your niche

Rely on our experts to identify the influencers who make the biggest impact on your audience or industry with detailed and custom reports. Tell us who you want to target and we’ll tell you how.

Reach the Widest Possible Audience

Target over 900k global media contacts, including over 40k from Canada