Go beyond mentions and ad values with a proven media analytics platform that measures the success and effectiveness of your PR campaigns.

Get a complete overview

Compare your media coverage by project, client, products, spokesperson or campaign. Measure your share of voice against the competition to better understand where you stand.

Protect your corporate reputation

Understand how your brand or message is perceived in the marketplace with sentiment scoring. Sentiment is applied in real time so you can respond promptly to developing trends.

Understand the impact

Measure your organization’s influence and impact in the media against the competition. With real-time scoring, articles are evaluated on 25+ factors, such as placement, headline and scope of coverage, helping you see their true impact.

Produce presentation-ready visuals

Assess your media coverage at a glance with metrics such as reach, media mix, tonality, share of voice and more. Then, easily create and share presentation-ready charts and graphs that show the success of your PR campaigns.

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