Find out what people are saying about you, across millions of social posts, anywhere in the world with social media monitoring.

Be part of the conversation

Learn who is talking about your brand and transform one-sided mentions into conversations and relationships. With one click, find quality content you can share with your audience via multiple social networks.

Stay completely covered

Monitor all forms of social media—including more than 150 million blogs, social networking sites, forums, opinion sites and more—from a single dashboard.

Rank influencers

Rank top tweeters and bloggers by their number of followers, retweets, blog comments and activity volume.

Track sentiment

Analyze brand mentions to gauge the sentiment of bloggers, tweeters and readers.

Understand viral success

Report on the viral nature of your stories with powerful metrics such as engagement ranking, number of Twitter followers, vote count, number of comments and more

Combine with traditional media

Report and share all of your news coverage—digital or traditional—from one place.

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