Born in Manila, Philippines and raised in Canada, Carlos Bustamante has leapt at every opportunity to entertain his audience, literally dangling off the CN Tower, bobsledding down an Olympic track, and nervously hopping into a cage with a 700 pound tiger. As former host of Canada’s favourite after-school program The Zone on YTV, Carlos was no stranger to the spotlight when he joined ET Canada in September 2017 as an Entertainment Reporter.

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What is it like to be an Entertainment Reporter for ET Canada?

It’s fast paced and very exciting! Whether it be filming our daily Facebook Live show, interviewing celebs in our studio, or travelling half way across the world for a junket, there’s always someone interesting to talk to or somewhere cool to go.


How do you decide what to cover?

Our production team keeps on the pulse of what’s trending in the world of entertainment and works tirelessly to secure the top celebrities for interviews. Ultimately our viewers come first and we cover the topics that we think will resonate most with our audience.


How does social media factor into your work?
I use social media on a daily basis. For my role at ET Canada I find Instagram is the most effective vehicle to reach my fan base and share what goes on behind the scenes at the show or give more info on a story or interview I’ve done. From a researching perspective Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are vital tools in conducting research for interviews – It’s good to know what’s current in the life of your subject. Though some share more than others, more often than not there’s something on their feed that I can learn from and use for my interviews.


What does a typical day look like for you?
I arrive to the studio at 9:30 a.m. and spend the first part of the morning making sure I’m up to speed on the day’s entertainment news and world events. I’ll then spend some time recording voiceovers scripts for the stories we plan to air that day before heading into makeup and wardrobe. From there sometimes I shoot our 12:30 p.m. Facebook Live show in our studio for a half-hour, before breaking for lunch which is when I take the opportunity to film Instagram stories with my co-workers. In the afternoon, I meet with the show producers and writer to review the script for that day’s episode at a table read and go straight into shooting the episode. By 5:30 p.m., as long as there isn’t any late-breaking news, I usually head home unless I continue working into the late evening by attending a film screening, supporting a charity fundraiser or hosting an event.

However, many of my days have become travel days for junket interviews or red carpet premieres somewhere in the U.S. or abroad. The airport has become my second home! Really though, I think I spend as much time sleeping on planes as I do in my own bed.


What was your favourite story to work on?
I loved covering San Diego Comic Con this past summer. The hectic pace, big crowds, and big time A-Listers all make for a very exciting few days. Not to mention the fact that the whole comic book/sci-fi/fantasy entertainment world is my jam. I love all of that stuff!


What’s the story you’d most like to cover?
I haven’t yet covered any of the big award shows. I’m really looking forward to that.

What’s the first website you open in the morning?
After morning emails, it’s the NPR daily newscast for world events and for entertainment news.

Beverage of choice?
I drink water all day long – but I can’t live without my green tea.

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