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Anum Rubec is a beauty & lifestyle blogger, content creator, and freelance communications consultant. She spends her days writing, taking photos, and drinking lots of coffee.



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How do you decide what to cover? 

SummerxSkin is a source for beauty, fashion and everyday life. I’m constantly inspired by people, colours and the things around me. I think a lot about what I would like to see from a blog post or video, and try to emulate my content to be reflective of that. If it’s not something I would ever read or watch, why would anyone else want to?


How does social media factor into your work?

It helps me connect with my readers, followers, other bloggers and amazing people in the industry. I use each platform in a different way with the ultimate goal of driving back to my website and my work.


What does a typical day look like for you?

The amazing thing about being a blogger is that every day is different! Typically, I wake up and have a nice breakfast with my hubby and our cute furry dog. I dive right into work by responding to emails and scheduling tweets. The afternoon is spent writing upcoming posts, having brainstorm meetings with brands/PR, and taking & editing photos. In the evening,  I try to get out to a couple of events each week as a way to network and engage with brands and other bloggers.


What kind of relationships do you have with brands, PR and marketing professionals?

It all goes hand-in-hand. A PR company or marketing professional will often reach out to me about potentially working together. We brainstorm and come up with ideas for the brand to approve/provide feedback on. Once they get approval, they hand the project over to me to execute, which means writing it, taking photos, shooting video, or whatever else is needed.

The goal is to build strong, lasting relationships with PR people (and brands) so they can keep you in mind for upcoming opportunities. However, it’s also important to make sure the pitch and/or product is a good fit for YOU and YOUR brand. I can’t talk about cat food on my blog because I don’t have a cat!


What’s your number one tip for PR people?

Prior to reaching out to your list, do your research. Take ten minutes to actually read the blogger’s content or check out their social media pages. There is nothing worse than receiving an opportunity that does not relate to you at all. Going back to the cat scenario, I’ve gotten pitches for cat food and toys SO many times, and I don’t even think I’ve ever talked about cats anywhere online. If they took a few minutes to chat with me or go through my Instagram, they would know right away that I have a dog.


Besides your own blog, which blog or blogs do you read the most?

I love supporting my local influencer friends, so I check out Liner and Glitter and Gloss, The Blondielocks, Swatch and Review, Sylvia Jade, This Renegade Love and Crazy Style Love on a regular basis. I get inspiration from gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Alex Garza, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Dulce Candy.


First website you load in the morning?

GMAIL! I’m so guilty of checking my emails first thing in the morning, but I try to get it done and over with so I can focus on real work for the rest of the day.


Coffee or beer?

Definitely coffee. It helps me focus and brings out my best ideas. 😉

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Melissa Meyer is Cision’s Manager of Community and oversees Cision’s online customer community, Cision City. She has over 5 years’ experience in PR, writing, community and social media management. You can find her chatting about all thing PR, pop culture and basketball @_MelissaMeyer

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