Last month Procter & Gamble held its 7th annual P&G Beauty Awards to showcase premiere creative content, design, editorial and beauty artists in the media. Nearly 150 magazine editors, YouTube stars and other creative minds attended the affair at the Art Gallery fo Ontario. In the past the awards honored the individual creative professionals within the industry such as an award for an art director or specific writer for a publication. This time around, P&G Communications Director Melissa Karis focused on the teams behind Canada’s leading blogs, publications and photo spreads to a surprising result.

“People were hesitant to nominate themselves because they knew it was really a team effort,” said Karis. “It takes an army to make any great piece of content come to life.”

Part of that shift meant reducing the number of awards from 15 to nine, which also shortened the length of the event from about two hours of presentation to one hour, giving attendees more time to network with the winners.

Evolving with the changing media landscape.

P&G has added new awards like the Best Beauty Blog category in 2010 and, beginning last year, a Best YouTuber prize in an effort to continually adapt the program to the changing tides of the media landscape. Last year YouTuber Sylvia Jade won the vlogging award for her channel Beautycakez . (Sylvia was also featured in our guide to influencer marketing.)

While the awards feature a special category for independent content creators, according to Karis, the term “influencers” applies to beauty editors and writers just as often as a YouTube star.

“Everything I do is influencer marketing,” said Karis. “Even traditional media professionals are engaging on Instagram and YouTube in valuable creative ways.”

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