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Marketers are always looking for creative ways to cut-through the noise and connect with consumers. Often an Experiential Marketing strategy is employed to help drive purchase consideration.

As part of their promotion strategy for the 2013 Cadillac ATS, agency MacLaren McCann Canada launched an experiential marketing campaign. Instead of giving a traditional 20 minute ‘test drive’ of the vehicle, participants were offered a chance to drive the car for three days.

In addition to pitching the Cadillac ATS to traditional media outlets the team at MacLaren partnered with Klout to target key brand influencers. These influencers were contacted by Klout and asked to participate in the program after being vetted for driving eligibility.

I was one of the influencers picked to participate in the campaign. I had the opportunity to take a three-day test drive and shared my experience across my social networks like Instagram and Twitter. The car was fully loaded with amenities from a heated steering wheel to a rear view camera to help you park.  I was encouraged to use the hashtag #atsdrive on twitter to link together with other influencers participating in the program.

Many of the influencers have been posting excellent original content across social spaces. My favourites so far include a music video called “Put On, Cologne” filmed in the backseat of the Cadillac and a 4 year old’s review of the Cadillac ATS. You can also view feedback on the campaign through Klout’s website.


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