The “foodie” craze has been around for a while, but it’s still as prominent as ever. Whether or not your brand or clients work directly within the food industry, food bloggers can be valuable to work with – they reach a lot of eyeballs and cover a wide range of topics like childcare, health and nutrition, and wellness.

We’ve scoured the scene and cataloged 5 notable Canadian food bloggers. Learn which influencers are hot in the industry and the demographics of their audiences. Discover which influencers are right for your brand, and see how you can leverage their network and relationships.


Check out the list by clicking the image below 

Food bloggers preview

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Mira is a Marketing Associate at Cision Canada where she creates, curates and collects content. Mira is a self-proclaimed literature, art history, and social media nerd who loves coffee, oxford commas, beautiful design, and all things floral.

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