To build a successful influencer relations program, you have to invest in your influencers. They’re your best brand advocates and often your best customers.

You should thank them for that. You will reinforce their sentiments about you and inspire them to continue sharing your brand and content with others.

Consider these three ideas for thanking your influencers:

  1. Give them early access to a product or service. Sneak peeks are guaranteed ways to warm even the grinchiest of hearts. Your influencers will enjoy the gift and will hopefully create content around it that they will want to share.
  2. Invite them to an exclusive event. Make your influencers feel special by inviting them to an invitation-only event. Pair the event with a notable keynote or musical performance and encourage influencers to share their experiences online.
  3. Send a personalized, printed notes. In the digital age, “snail mail” stands out. Your influencers will cherish the extra time and effort it took for you to write and send the note.

Managing an influencer relations program is based on a basic PR tenet: PR is about people and relationships. Treat your influencers as people and nurture your relationships with them, and you’ll see your program bloom and grow.

News from Cision: How do you build and maintain an influencer relations program? View our Roadmap for Working With Influencers to learn how!

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