Combine earned media views with paid media execution through re-targeting and amplification campaigns.

Communications teams have struggled with a clear technology gap from taking action post-headline. Bridge that gap with tools available to peers in paid media, utilizing these tactics to take action on audiences of earned media.


Paid Media Retargeting

Start with an audience of earned media content and retarget them with paid media. This leverages an already informed audience who are more likely to engage and convert, plus tracks details of earned media’s influence.


Paid Media Amplification

Drive targeted audiences to earned media deemed to be both credible and trusted, leading customers indirectly to your brand. Track how website visitation and engagement was affected by this paid media traffic.


Custom Audiences

Access the next revolution of paid media optimization by obtaining audiences exposed to third party earned media content related to your brand. Paid media teams can then take action on these customers in order to truly interweave paid and earned efforts.

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