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Find influencers, build awareness, share brand news with press releases, and track coverage across traditional and social media outlets with a single PR software solution.

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Search millions of posts and mine the data that will help you monitor the social performance and engagement of your brand to make informed business decisions.

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Arm yourself with a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of a single campaign or an entire media program from strategy to evaluation.
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Cision has allowed me to reduce tasks that take me away from pitching. It also helps with creating efficiencies for small teams like myself.
Matthew Celestial Founder, MCPR
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As we wrap up the final months of 2019, it’s time to evaluate what public relations plans and approaches have brought you the results you, your clients or key internal customers, want.

Cision Contributor - October 31, 2019

Plan a meeting with your C-Suite during the corporate strategy sessions, introduce situations that can arise and discuss how the team responds.

Lucie Vietti-Curtis - November 27, 2019