It’s hard being in PR, Buzzfeed knows it, and so does Huey Lewis & The News 🙂

See what tracks best describe the life of a PR pro, and check out the awesome 80s throwback videos while you’re at it.

1.      Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)

2.      Who Cares?

3.      Buzz Buzz Buzz

4.    Bad Is Bad

5.    Stuck With You

6.    Couple Days Off

7.    Time Ain’t Money

8.    Blue Monday

9.   Plan B

10.   Don’t Fight It

11.   Respect Yourself

12. “Stop Trying”

13. I want a new drug

14.  Just One More Day

15.  Attitude

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Mira is a Marketing Associate at Cision Canada where she creates, curates and collects content. Mira is a self-proclaimed literature, art history, and social media nerd who loves coffee, oxford commas, beautiful design, and all things floral.

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