Good communication skills are the key to achieving success in many areas of life and the same is true for the success of an organization.

For anyone tasked with such a responsibility, it’s clear that a solid PR and communications strategy doesn’t grow on trees. These days, a more scientific approach is required— with analytics and data, strategic use of resources and the tools necessary to access them all.

Non-profit organizations face an even higher level of pressure in reaching this success, as their existence is often determined by the communication of their message to people and convincing them of their cause.

In Cision’s recent case study, Using Distribution & Database to Soar Past Earned Media Targets, St. Baldrick’s Foundation — a volunteer-powered charity dedicated to raising money for lifesaving childhood cancer research — tackles this challenge head-on by partnering with Cision to build a strategy like never before.

As the organizer of the largest head-shaving program in the world, the foundation is committed to accomplishing one common goal: conquering childhood cancer.

The study illustrates just how St. Baldrick’s achieved such satisfying results, with what solutions, and how they did so by following some mention-worthy guidelines:

Establish a concise strategy with a clear direction and defined audience

Planning your approach is just as (if not, more) important as executing it. Clearly communicate your goals and objectives. It is important that everyone on your team is on the same page and understands who the target audience is, what your organization is trying to achieve and that they have a clear picture of the desired end-result.

Target, distribute, monitor, report. (then repeat!)

Gone are the days of blasting out a message and crossing your fingers that it gets noticed. Like any successful marketing campaign, the game plan should include being involved in every aspect of the project lifecycle. In St. Baldrick’s case, they leveraged the Cision Comms Cloud platform for their campaign — conducting pre-, during and post-event coverage — and have it all streamlined on a single interface.

Always remember the “real” end goal

Having tangible and metric-based goals is important — and highly recommended. But true motivation in a day’s work comes from understanding the ultimate reason for doing what you do and the impact you’re making. Keep the bottom line in mind at all times and apply that same passion for your cause to your communication strategy as well.

Not only will having a comprehensive, robust communications strategy reap successful results but having the power to streamline your efforts with the right tools will help you achieve them more efficiently and effectively.

Read the full case study to learn more about how The St. Baldrick’s Foundation achieved success here.

Author Priscilla Ramirez is a program manager for digital marketing at Cision.

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