Following politics in Canada could be a full time job and thankfully for some it is. This is turning out to be one of the most exciting election seasons in recent memory with the Mike Duffy fraud and bribery court proceedings, crashing looney and oil prices, the orange wave of the NDP in Alberta and an Ontario Premier looking for a fight.

To help you keep up to date on it all, we’ve compiled a list of the best Canadian political podcasts.

1. The House

cover170x170Since 1977, CBC’s The House has hosted Canadian politicians and journalists to discuss contentious issues in the public domain. Today it is released on iTunes as a podcast, streams from CBC’s website and broadcasts on CBC Radio One. The House is great as it brings together all of the important voices on today’s issues in a brisk hour-long presentation.

2. Canada Land

cover170x170 (1)Journalist and enfant terrible, Jesse Brown pokes holes in the fabric of reality in Canada’s media landscape on his podcast Canada Land. Brown challenges political and corporate influence on the media and isn’t afraid to go after sacred cows or give voice to controversial issues. Canada Land offers alternative opinions that quite often turn out to be verifiable fact.

cover170x170 (2)3. The Insiders

Kathleen Monk, former director of communications for Jack Layton’s run to be prime minister, joins David Herle, principal partner at polling firm Gandalf Group, and Jamie Watt, CEO of Navigator Ltd, to discuss the strategies and thought processes of political party leaders and their teams. For anyone interested in public affairs or in understanding how the policy and politics play into communications, this is a must listen.

TRR_logo_100x1004. Talking Radical Radio

– Leaning hard-left, Talking Radical Radio focuses on social issues that affect Canadian communities and workers. From wage-theft to public-private partnerships, the show highlights opposing views to those held by municipal, provincial and federal governments across Canada.

5. Maclean’s On the Hill

Hmachillosted by John Geddes, Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief, Paul Wells, Maclean’s managing editor, and Aaron Wherry, House of Commons reporter, On the Hill provides cutthroat analysis of a week’s political happenings and the reporting of it.

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