These days there is too much content and too little time. On a given day The New York Times will publish more than 700 articles: the only way you can wade through all of that content is with new tools. Here are three must-have content marketing apps that will help you find, create and share amazing content:

1. Feedly

feedlyFeedly rose to the top of the heap of RSS reader functions after Google axed its much loved Google Reader and turned its focus towards its other tools like Google Plus.

“It is the best way to follow everything that’s happening in real time,” Joe Thornley, principal partner of Ottawa PR firm Thornley Fallis.

Feedly comes preloaded with streams of content on topics like tech, marketing and design; then allows you to build streams from sites or topics chosen through search. Adding to this value is its integration with other applications like Evernote, Google, and Dropbox. It can send you notifications of content relevant to your search queries while also tracking what you have and have not read.

Cost: The free version of Feedly allows your curate steams of content and track what has been read.

The upgraded version, for $3.95/month, enables automated content saving through integrations with Evernote and Dropbox as well as pushes to automation tools such as If This Then That (IFTTT).

MetroUI_Evernote2. Evernote

Evernote is a Word style writing tool where you can store various media files and formats and share them across your entire digital ecosystem. The file you create, or snip from the Internet in Evernote’s web clipping tool, saves as ‘notes’ in ‘notebooks’ the same way you’d save files in folders on your computer. Another unique feature is in how you can tag those notes and notebooks to make them easier to find.

For Martin Waxman, host of the Inside PR podcast and president of Waxman Communications, his physical notebooks had become a more a feature of style rather than functionality.

“I used to have tons of notebooks with ideas, to do lists, meeting summaries – they filled up bookshelves,” said Waxman. “I have to admit, I didn’t look at them very much.”

Moving over to Evernote let him save articles and notes across all of his devices and better yet it was searchable. Companies can set their teams up to work in Evernote with a collaborative work function not unlike Google’s Drive.

Cost: The free edition allows you to create notes, organize them and share them across desktop and in browser applications. Additional functionality of the tool organizing all of your documents (pdfs, .docs) and tagging them with the same facility as notes within the program will run you an extra $57.99 a year per user.

IFTTT3. If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTT is an automation tool that lets applications perform actions in conjunction with one another utilizing the formula of “If X happens, then do Y.” This allows you to create automated actions that streamline workflow, increase response times, and collect data. You can use IFTTT for simple things like automatically saving photos taken in Instagram to a Dropbox account, or complex activities like receiving text message notifications on your website’s conversion rate or when competitors make software upgrades to their websites.

Cost: Free

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