Many of today’s social media influencers have hit the sweet spot with their followers, between providing trusted insight and paid promotion. What makes this balancing act work is an influencer’s level of authenticity and the trust they’ve built with a niche following.

For that trust to be maintained, influencers have to choose the brands they work with carefully. In this week’s edition of the Influencer Pros Podcast, Cision Canada’s Interim Managing Director Heidi Sullivan, explains why you want influencers to opt-in to a database opposed to just being added to a list. The difference couldn’t be starker.

Sullivan is joined by Rebekah Iliff, Chief Strategy Officer at AirPR, who speaks frankly about the importance of analytics, authenticity, and trusting your influencers.

Her idea is that influencer marketing is similar to food production. The fewer adulterants one has between the information they consume and the person that provides those insights, the more believable and valuable those insights can be.

In this analogy information is food and marketers are the adulterant. Sullivan and Iliff also break down how to monitor and evaluate influencer marketing campaigns answering the question: if you can’t measure it, is it real?

Hear all about this from Iliff herself on this edition of the Influencer Pros Podcast.


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