Influencer marketing isn’t about finding people with the most followers. Instead target those with most engaged audiences that fit your brand’s target. Are you doing it right?

Cision’s own Heidi Sullivan, Canada’s Interim Managing Director is co-hosting the weekly Influencer Pros Podcast with Todd Cameron, Head of Content and Strategy at TapInfluence. Every week their insights will help you run successful influencer marketing and advocate programming.

In the first episode Sullivan and Cameron cover great dos and don’ts for working with brand advocates and influencers:

1.Don’t, go for the biggest name to discuss your product

You don’t need a celebrity to promote your brand. Influencers create engaged niches that are uniquely connected with their brands. While celebrities target too broad an audience to delve authentically into those niches.

2. Do, find influencers who are similar to your target audience

People engage with influencer content because it is someone similar to themselves. The medium is the message and if the medium resonates with someone’s personal identity then your brand will connect more deeply with that audience.

3. And absolutely use cross channel influence

In order to maximize exposure integrate your programs across multiple channels and social mediums. Have your influencers produce an article and post it to their blog, then post the images to Pinterest and create an Instagram video summarizing the topic. Get more out of one post and spread the love as widely as you can.

Listen to the full podcast and find out how to use influencer marketing to breakthrough ad clutter and find the audience your brand needs.


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James Rubec is a data geek, a former public relations lead and journalist with a love of content and advocacy. Ask him anything @JamesRRubec and be sure to follow @Cision_Canada

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