Montreal’s Osheaga music and arts festival is one of Canada’s most popular outdoor music events with over 135,000 attendees visiting Parc Jean-Drapeau between July 31 and August 2. This year was the festival’s 10th anniversary and to celebrate its continued success we monitored its popularity on social media with Canadians and brands.

1. #Osheaga2015 and @Osheaga reached 180 million people.

The event’s official Twitter handle and its promoted hashtags reached more than 180 million people in between July 30 and August 5, from 15,057 unique authors. To put it into perspective, that’s 111 fold greater than the population of Montreal.

total attendees


2. Twitter is the primary vehicle for the conversation.

Twitter dominated the conversation with more than 16,772 sent through its platform. Instagram came second with 1,652. Osheaga fans participated on Instagram at a much higher frequency than those supporting Toronto’s Pan Am Games.

Event Instagram Twitter Ratio
#Osheaga2015 1,652 16,772 1/16
#PanAmGames2015* 1,270 33,732 1/26

* Pan Am Games data based on a 24 hour period in the middle of July.

3. It is a national festival.

While the event is held in Montreal, Canadians from across country descend on the city to take part. Montrealers contributed 47% of the conversation on Twitter, with Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Calgary contributing 28%, 9%, 4% and 2% respectively.

National Event

The festival is also bilingual with over three-quarters of messages on Twitter having been written in French.


4. Fashion brands used influencer marketing.

Summer festival clothing has risen in popularity alongside the number of festivals in Canada. On Instagram nine of the top 10 influencers were fashion brands such as Garage or fashion and lifestyle bloggers.


Here’s how they rank:

  Instagram Handle Follower Count Contact type
1 #Garagefestival 241.2 K followers Brand
2 Dynamite Clothing 93.1 K followers Brand
3 Ardene 83 K followers Brand
4 LOULOU Magazine 32.4 K followers Publication / Blog
5 othboutique 26.5 K followers Publication / Blog
6 Julia Mateian 24 K followers Publication / Blog
7 Le Cahier 20.8 K followers Publication / Blog
8 Osheaga 18.5 K followers Event hashtag
9 Herby Moreau 14.5 K followers Publication / Blog
10 B Public Relations PR Agency 14.1 K followers Fashion Beauty PR Agency


5. Twitter was all about the music.

While Instagram’s most influential accounts were about fashion Twitter was dominated by bands and the music industry.

Here’s how they rank:

  Twitter Handle Follower Count Contact type
1 @BillBoard 2.9 K followers Music Magazine
2 @pitchfork 2.7 M followers Music Magazine
3 @Weezer 1.6 M K followers Band
4 @afpfr 1.1 M  followers News service
5 @Much 890.1 K followers Music Channel
6 @ComplexMag 722.8 K followers Culture & Music Magazine
7 @FashionCanada 648  K followers Fashion Magazine
8 @G_Eazy 600.4 K followers Music Artist
9 @weathernetwork 566.8 K followers Weather
10 @HotNewHipHop 517.2 K followers Music Blog

6. The top negative posts about Osheaga are about longing for its return.

On Instagram “I miss it.”.

Top Negative Post

And on Twitter Osheaga’s own sense of humour shines through the post-festival blues.sad

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