Written by the team @apexprOriginally published on March 13 2014.
On February 27th, we took in An Evening with Jay Baer, hosted by Cision Canada. Our president Linda Andross sent around the invite with the note “Jay is a very interesting guy,” and, true to Linda’s word, the best-selling author of Youtility proved not only fascinating, but hilarious and engaging as well.

Jay’s presentation stressed one oh-so-simple idea: “Create marketing so useful, people would pay for it.” It’s a concept we stress to our clients all the time, but it was helpful to have it reinforced by Jay and his library of entertaining case studies (the Holiday World theme park was a particular favourite). Here are 5 tips from Jay that hit the nail on the head for fellow APEXers:

Play the long game. It’s a conversation we’re having with more and more clients because it’s the most effective way to reach potential consumers. Essentially, it’s no longer acceptable for brands to be in it for themselves, and they must aim to form a genuine connection with new audiences by listening and responding to their needs. Though there may not be an immediate benefit, answering a question or addressing a potential client’s concern will ensure that the brand stays top of mind and will reinforce that it is a reliable resource – one that the consumer is already comfortable engaging with and relating to.  — Daina
“I don’t know” doesn’t cut it anymore. ​We aim to respond to every question or comment we get on our clients’ brand pages within 24 hours. Even if we don’t know the answer right away, a simple “Thanks for reaching out. We’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible!” lets our community members know we’re listening and that we’re working to get them the information they need.  — Amanda
Don’t sell, help. This has been an implied principle in earned media and PR generally for some time as “helping” has more editorial legs and integrity than selling. However, with the explosion in sophisticated social and mobile technologies, all parts of the marketing pie are increasingly searching for that editorial lustre — that credibility that comes from being perceived as “authentically” informative or helpful rather than egotistically promotional. Remember, it’s not about you, the brand anymore, it’s about the customer need.  — Ken
It’s all about “youtility.” Consumers want information that is useful and that they feel like they are going to learn from. This is why we make sure that we treat social media channels, whether our own or the ones we manage for our clients, as a way to disseminate useful information, instead of just as a platform to “show off”.  — Susie
Content is fire, social media is gasoline! Just putting your content out there and crossing your fingers isn’t good enough  you have to market your marketing. Social media is an amazing way to showcase the great content you’re developing and not simply promote your company. But it doesn’t just stop with social media  content marketing should be a fully integrated approach, leveraging paid, owned and earned strategically. You’re doing your content a disservice if you’re not promoting in all of your available channels and outlets. — Gary
Want more of Jay Baer? Check out our latest episode of The Influencers with Jay Baer here!

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