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Are blogs dead? Some would say yes since we now have the opportunity to microblog on social media.  Others would say blogging is alive and well and just exists differently than before.  Has the corporate blog, 2008’s “must have” marketing tool, seen its last day?

No, of course not! Today’s corporate blogs are essential to promote the brand, engage potential customers, and convey a company’s position on everything from new products to industry issues. Here are a few ways that a corporate blog can benefit your business:

It can fuel your SEO

We all know that digital presence is important for any client-facing organization. This presence can be bolstered by content, keywords, and effective SEO. According to Hubspot, the top ten business blogs see 49% of their traffic originate from search engines. And like a fine wine, a blog post can get better with age. According to Hubspot, 70% of blog traffic and 90% of new leads come from posts that weren’t generated in their current month. Since your blog will be filled with fresh content on an ongoing basis, your company will enjoy new traffic daily; something a more static website cannot deliver.

Patience! Blogs cannot and will not automatically generate traffic. Building readership takes time. And blog traffic does not always result in new leads for your organization.

It can bolster your content marketing strategy

Many businesses have turned to inbound marketing in order to convert strangers into customers and promoters. With this model, your content helps place users into a “marketing funnel,” leading them to conversion and retention.

As you can see, your corporate blog sits at the very top of the marketing funnel, giving it an important role. Blog posts drive user discovery. Pop a link to downloadable (gated) content within your blog and you’ve created another pathway to your nurture program. Leveraging your blog for its owned mediabenefits can help generate leads and identify key demographics about your audience.

Weave download links in effectively, so that they boost marketing efforts without driving focus away from the informative aspects of your blog. Corporate blogs that are too promotional will not succeed at growing its readership.

It helps build brand authority

Successful corporate blogs seek to educate their readers through storytelling and analysis. As Mia Pearson of North Strategic says, blogs are a great way of showing that you care and can provide valuable insights that complement your products and services. Since your blog is owned media, it gives your company the opportunity to showcase its industry expertise without meeting the gatekeepers of earned media.

It is estimated that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationshipswithout talking to a human. The best business blogs will proactively answer customer questions and provide client solutions, mindful of this growing trend.

A corporate blog is also the perfect opportunity to highlight in-house talent and create a variety of content, while humanizing your brand. Consider interviewing your creative services team, product managers, even the CFO or CEO – or asking the smart people on staff to contribute regular posts.

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