By James Breen, @jameswbreen

Need to categorize your coverage? Cisionpoint has the ability to tag every piece of media coverage you receive (print, broadcast, internet or social media). These article stamps or ‘tags’ can be recalled when you or your team is creating a press report.

Tags are broken out into categories including: companies, products, distributions and custom monitor tags.

Steps to create and use tags:

  1. Under ‘accounts menu’ select the setting wheel. Select option ‘tags’
  2. Create your own custom monitor tags based on your company’s products, spokespeople or campaigns
  3. Check off the media coverage you would like to tag, select the edit menu and ‘assign tags to items’
  4. Once your coverage is properly tagged, you can access that coverage by selecting the filtering menu and accessing the filter for monitor tags

Watch our training video or step-by-step user guide if you would like to learn more.


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Mira is a Marketing Associate at Cision Canada where she creates, curates and collects content. Mira is a self-proclaimed literature, art history, and social media nerd who loves coffee, oxford commas, beautiful design, and all things floral.

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