This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary of Confederation with a year-long Canada 150 campaign. Brands are looking for ways to join the Canada 150 conversation, but how engaged are Canadians with this milestone anniversary? CNW and Cision have initiated a comprehensive share of voice study, tracking mentions of the search term “Canada 150.”

Since the official campaign kick-off on New Year’s Eve, Canada 150 has been mentioned more than 100,000 times online, with thousands of mentions happening per day. More than 60,000 authors and over 5,000 brands are adding their voice to the conversation. It’s clear that momentum is building.

We will be tracking these mentions all year-long, along with how Canadians are responding to a variety of campaigns, messages and real-world events. Our research will answer questions like, “Which events drew the most attention or controversy online,” and “What demographic groups enjoyed the festivities most?”

Follow along with our study here, as we update our results periodically, along with what products and services we are offering to help boost the conversation about Canada 150 across the country and throughout the year.

About Melissa Meyer

Melissa Meyer is Cision’s Manager of Community and oversees Cision’s online customer community, Cision City. She has over 5 years’ experience in PR, writing, community and social media management. You can find her chatting about all thing PR, pop culture and basketball @_MelissaMeyer

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