Last month, I moderated a panel discussion at the Canadian Investor Relations Institute’s 31st Annual Investor Relations Conference about Canada’s Cannabis industry.

I kicked-off the discussion with an explanation as to why I, a product marketer at Cision, had put together a panel on the cannabis industry in the first place.

I thought I’d expand on some of those points here, as it provides insight into the behind-the-scenes activity that occurs at a company like Cision who connects organizations with interested and relevant audiences for their news.

First off, some context. As a marketer, I keep tabs on which press releases are generating the most traffic on our website. Over the last several years I’ve noticed that more and more of the most read releases on the site pertained to the cannabis industry.

In 2017, 22 of the top 100 most viewed releases on were about the cannabis industry. Year to date in 2018, 32 of the top 100 releases have been cannabis-related. Cannabis Page

Over the years, the media has increased its focus on covering this emerging industry and more companies from the cannabis industry have joined our client roster.

To connect the dots between cannabis company news and the media and other relevant influencers, here are some of the things Cision has done:

  • Introduced new tagging codes so that Cision can highlight cannabis industry news to editorial recipients of its newswire
  • Created new email alert subscription options so that media as well as analysts, investors and influencers could receive press releases about the industry as news crosses the Cision wire
  • Launched new industry-focused Twitter accounts to expand the audience for that news
  • Frequently feature the industry’s news in a specially curated hot topic section on
  • Cision’s Media Research team has developed CASL-friendly “influencer lists” for the cannabis industry (a related blog post about Canadian cannabis influencers became Cision’s most viewed and shared blog post in North America)
  • Continue to grow Cision’s network of website partners that feature news about the industry

While not exhaustive, this list gives you an idea of the things Cision does to ensure news reaches the most relevant and interested audiences. The next emerging industry we are working on? Cryptocurrency.

About Jeff Vanderby

Jeffrey Vanderby is Cision’s Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Global Markets, helping to define product positioning and messaging for Cision Comms Clouds and other Cision products in Canada and the UK. Previously, he has worked in the Print and Film & Television industries. Connect with him at jeffrey.vanderby at or on LinkedIn (

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