Q: What does PRIME Research do?

A: From eight international offices and in over 100 languages, PRIME Research marries talent with technology to help communicators demonstrate and generate PR value and return-on-investment. The firm integrates, analyzes and evaluates media performance across all channels – social, digital, print and broadcast – to deliver actionable insights and strategic guidance for better communications and business results.

Q: Why is Cision acquiring PRIME Research?

A: With the Cision Communications Cloud®, Cision is one of the leading providers of technology and software for marketing communications and PR professionals. By adding PRIME to its portfolio, Cision adds the leader in professional services for media measurement insights and ROI analysis for communications programs. This extends Cision’s mission to help communicators identify influencers, craft and distribute meaningful campaigns, and attribute value for those efforts.

Q: What benefits does PRIME Research provide its customers? Who are some of their more notable customers (from a brand and/or usage perspective).

A: PRIME offers a variety of monitoring and insights services to help communicators attribute value for their campaigns and make more intelligent decisions on messaging and brand initiatives, such as:

Real-time monitoring and analysis across digital media, print, TV and online news, as well as monitoring all relevant communications for customers on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, blogs, forums, WeChat and Weibo.

Customizable reports of relevant news from around the world, accessible 24/7. With the high-quality content analysis automatically translated, global brands can understand what people are saying about their brand at any given moment across 80 markets, all major social networks, 70,000 online news sources, 20,000 forums and blogs, and 9,000 print media sources.

Advanced Analytics that enable customers to define ad-hoc analysis they need done on their communications programs, with the ability to export the data for use inside their organization.

PRIME has a very impressive client list, including MasterCard, Jaguar and Honda. You can view their client testimonials here.

Q: When will the deal be final?

A: Final close is dependent on several factors including regulatory approval. We will inform the market as required as those updates unfold.

Q: Will PRIME still operate as an independent brand in the Cision portfolio?

A: PRIME has a very strong category brand and is highly recognized within the media monitoring and reporting industry. PRIME’s brand, along with the Cision brand, will remain in place for as long as this best serves our customers and end market.

Q: Cision bought Bulletin Intelligence earlier this year. What, if any, is the relationship between that services acquisition and PRIME Research?

A: Both the Bulletin Intelligence and PRIME acquisitions solidify Cision’s commitment to providing its customers with the best monitoring and reporting services available. Both these services go beyond standard, programmatic reporting to provide in-depth analysis to enable customers to make better informed decisions regarding their strategic communications programs. As we incorporate PRIME into the Cision Portfolio, you will see greater alignment between PRIME, Bulletin, and the core Cision Intelligence services offerings to deliver even more value for Cision customers.

Q: How do I get more information?

A: Contact your account manager for more information and learn more by reading the press release.