Infographic – The 4 Stages of the Rob Ford Crisis

Throughout 2013, the Rob Ford crisis overwhelmed both the Canadian and international media. Although it all began in Toronto, the […]

Ads That Engage Past 30-Seconds

By Mira Blumenthal @mirablu and Julie Geller @JulieGeller Tweets, Vines, Snapchats – there’s a lot of emphasis on micro-blogging and bite-sized […]

10 of the Most Newsworthy People of 2013

By Mira Blumenthal and Julie Geller In 2013, Twitter went public, “selfie” was the official word of the year and Miley […]

Inside The Newsroom [Infographic]

Get your story in the publications that matter by knowing the right people in the newsroom and how to contact […]

Is Streaming Media Making Us Smarter?

By Rob Antolin, Key Account Specialist and Julie Geller, VP,  Marketing A new movement is taking place in the way […]

Can Content Marketing Rescue Publishers?

By Laurie Mahoney, Director of Product Marketing, Cision US With the decline of traditional advertising and subscriptions, publishers have been looking […]

The Value of PR Stunts

By Sadie Chapple, Client Coordinator, Enterprise Canada PR stunts are as old the Gladiators who battled in the coliseums and as […]

Why Hyper Local Campaigns Work

By Julie Geller, @juliegeller & Niki Singh, @nikisingh Custom cowboy boots, ‘Hell or High Water’ T-shirts, floats and line dancing, […]

Public Relations Trends

The Canadian PR landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. The tools are different, the pace is faster and […]

A Day in the Life of the PR Professional – An Infographic

Have you ever wondered where PR Pros get their energy fix from? Or how leading media agencies measure success? Or […]

2013 Music Blog Guide

By Dena Jackson, @denajackson Although, I’m not the biggest music buff, that is no longer a problem with the new […]

Bread Smoothie, Anyone?

By Molara Awosedo, @OHMolara When you think of Dempsters bread, fruit smoothies certainly don’t come to mind. However, a new […]

New Canadian Icon? ‘The Priestley’ Doughnut

By Niki Singh, @nikisingh A Timbit covered in jam and baked into a doughnut – sounds like an Epic Meal […]

Does Canada Need a Rebrand?

Interview with Bruce Mau Design By James Breen, @JamesWBreen and Mira Blumenthal, @mirablu Tourists often associate Canadians with beavers, back bacon, ice […]

5 Must-Read Public Relations Books for 2014

By Dena Jackson, @denajackson and Mira Blumenthal, @mirablu Start your 2014 off with some PR focused water-cooler material. We’ve come up […]

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