Election At-A-Glance:  Harper Under Fire

For the second week in a row Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are the most […]

Could New Regulations for Video Blogs Come to Canada?

Disclosure rules are coming to Canadian bloggers and vloggers one day or another. Another step down that path occurred this week with new regulations out of the United Kingdom.

Election at a glance: Trudeau gains 7,974 followers

With the first Canadian election debate behind her Green Party Leader Elizabeth May's social media mentions have dropped considerably. Meanwhile commentary on the Mike Duffy Senate expenses trial and Nigel Wright's testimony as well as a series of policy announcements have kept Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party on top of mind.

Find Out Who Won the #MacDebate on Social Media

Maclean’s National Leaders Debate last night gave the four major party leaders­­ —Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May—their first opportunity to square off on the political issues at the forefront of Canada’s news. Though the election isn’t until October 19, you can already track who is winning and losing followers in real-time on social media.

Measuring #CanadaDay

To help celebrate Canada day we tracked the conversation around the hashtag #CanadaDay and the most talked about topics are watching fireworks, family picnics & backyard BBQs

#Budget2015 by the Numbers

We tracked the social conversation around the announcement using our social software reviewing more than 200,000 mentions of #Budget2015 and […]

PR and Internal Communications: Changing With the Times?

The focus of internal communication function has shifted from pursuing outputs to achieving outcomes – and that is a significant […]

Why Facebook Isn’t Dead: 5 Ways to Keep Attracting Audiences

You’ve no doubt heard Facebook is losing its appeal for some content marketers because of the drastic changes the social […]

How to Make Your PR Campaigns Come to Life

We partnered with content marketing and communications specialist Martin Waxman, president of Martin Waxman Communications, to investigate the way storytelling–and sharing–has […]

What’s the #TheFutureofPR? Big Data

PR is becoming a data-driven business. Advertising equivalencies (AVEs) are out; engagement metrics and bottom-line results are in. How can […]

Do Social Referrals Affect Organic Traffic?

Last week while I was out walking my dog, I was listening to the Jay Today podcast, and one of the episodes that really […]

What if PR Stood for People & Relationships? [E-book]

We teamed up with Brian Solis and Gapingvoid Art to explore how relationships are at the core of PR and […]

State of the PR Nation: Where the Industry is Going And What You Need to Do to Keep Up [video]

It’s well known that PR pros always need to be on their toes. As content strategies and media relations continue […]

Stampy Cat’s One Billion Views & the Future of TV

By Amber Mac, Executive Producer, nextMEDIA 3.0 This post was originally posted on nextMEDIA 3.0’s blog Unless you have a son […]

Convergence and Branded Content: How PR Has Changed

This post originally appeared on the Reaching Out, the Broad Reach Communications blog on June 10, 2014. As an industry, public […]

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