What Social Media Can Teach Us About MLB Fans

Although Toronto didn't advance to the World Series, there's still a lot of valuable data for brands to glean from fans across the MLB. Cision's latest white paper, Major League Insights into Baseball's Social Media Fans, dives deep into the demographics and psychographics of your social media audience.

How Influential are Presidential Debates?

Hillary Clinton has gained an estimated 5 – 7-points on Donald Trump in the days and weeks after the first two debates. That’s nigh unprecedented. Polling isn’t in yet from the third debate, but Cision has conducted an post-debate analysis that shows how good the debate may have been for the former Secretary of State.

Public Speaking 101: The Perils of the Public Pivot

The word "pivot" tends to get thrown around quite often these days. In the world of Silicon Valley, it refers to taking a different business direction or hiding some level of failure. In the corporate and media relations universe, pivoting means ditching the negative to pursue a more positive agenda and messaging.

Four More Canadian Influencers to Follow During the U.S. Election

The media continues to play an impactful role in the United States' selection of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but with countless news sources to choose from, who are Canadians turning to for comment?

Is Your Brand Using Consumer Data Effectively?

Privacy is an illusion. That is as long as you use a smartphone for much more than taking notes and […]

Holiday Product PR with Apex and Walmart Canada

See how Apex has helped one of Canada's largest retailers connect with journalists and land its products in gift guide pages this year.

The 9 Most Popular RNC Discussions

Our social analysis, collected July 18 to 21, reviewed more than 1.2 million social mentions from commenters in the United States and Canada. Our search included more than 400 terms relating to the convention and its speakers, including the conventions hashtags.

How Video Content Consumes Our Lives

If you aren’t using video in your communication strategy you are missing five hours of messaging opportunities. For professional communicators that means we have more than half someone’s workday to fill with targeted marketing messages, which then presents the challenge of creating content they actually want to consume and engage with. As Ron Tite said earlier this year in Cision’s Innovation Imperative E-Book, “Content is what people want to consume opposed to what people have to consume.”

3 Twitter Changes You Need To Know About

During the past three weeks Twitter began rolling out previously-announced changes to its platform and we want to be sure you how these updates can benefit your content marketing efforts.

How much does “trending” matter? #Elbowgate

Cision monitored the conversation around Bill C-14, as well as Bill C-16 a law meant to reaffirm anti-discrimination provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for transgendered Canadians and the now infamous #Elbowgate for the past seven days to find out what matters more to Canadians: some pushing and shoving in Parliament, or the rights of thousands of Canadians.

Are Emoji Hurting or Helping Your Campaigns?

Emoji aren’t communicating as clearly as we all had once hoped. They can confuse people almost as often as they get their message across.

How Canada Views the U.S. Election

We know what Americans think about their election, but what about us Canucks?

How Twitter Helped Rescue A Child

Police services across the country are using social media to engage with the public and drive public safety. We spoke with Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook, a nine-year veteran of the Toronto Police Services, to learn how she engaged with the public during Sunday’s Alert.

Dx3 2016: Death of Media’s Church and State With Ron Tite

Ron Tite the CEO of content agency the Tite Group. presented his argument that when Post Media forced its papers to endorse Stephen Harper in the 2015 election, the papers dropped the gauntlet in a war for our attention.

Journalists Missing the Story on Influencer Marketing

It’s becoming common practice for brands to pay content creators for tweets, Instagram posts and blog articles, but Cision’s 2016 State of the Media report shows that most journalists aren’t aware of influencer marketing. Or for those that are, it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

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