Tips for Writing Impressive Keynote Speaker Announcements

Everyone has experienced a time at a party or gathering when that one song comes on that everyone loves. The […]

Cision Goes Public: Ringing in the new age of Earned Media and Communications in the Cloud at the NYSE

Around here, “change,” “transformation” and “taking it to the next level” are terms used daily — and we’re embodying these […]

Data, Storytelling, and Communications: Insights from #CisionWorldTour Toronto

Advances in technology will revolutionize your business, but what if your job is more than just a business to you? […]

What is the Future of Paid, Owned and Earned Media?

If advertising as we know it is truly dead, what’s next for paid, earned & owned media? This week for […]

Why Step Outside Your Brand’s Event Marketing Comfort Zone?

The idea of breaking out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself into the unfamiliar is one that we celebrate. […]

Communicating Like Never Before is Easier Than You Think

“You cannot compete for the future if you make decisions about tomorrow based on yesterday.” — Brian Solis

BuzzFeed and VICE Don’t Need Mainstream Credibility

Last night, the Canadian Federation of Journalists held its first J-Talk panel since the election of Donald Trump at the TMX Broadcast Centre in Toronto. Between exhortations about the state of society, the three panellists, Jennifer Hollett, head of news and government at Twitter Canada, Craig Silverman, editor at BuzzFeed Canada, and Michael Gruzuk, director of news and digital content for VICE Canada (as well as host Simon Houpt, the Globe and Mail’s senior media writer), shared insights into businesses that a decade ago were pilloried as the D word ... disruptive.

3 Tips to Running a Successful Marketing Event

A marketing event is your chance to showcase how put-together your brand is. The signage, food choices, invitations and even the music can have an impact on the impression that’s made.

How C2 Turned Real Life Experiences Into Social Media Gold

how do you provide an online audience engagement opportunities with such in-experiences like an adult-sized ball pit? Through multi-channel content distribution and a very large team utilizing the latest social media tactics.

Morning Show Shutdown Is Netflix to Blame?

What’s killing the Canadian media? According to Mark LaVigne, principal of Hunter-LaVigne Communications and lecturer with Centennial College and Western University, it is two things: 1. Streaming services like Netflix 2. Media convergence

Best Canadian April Fool’s Day 2016 Gags

We Canadians are well known for our sense of humour and this extends to our grand tradition of branded April Fool’s Day gags. This year, three initiatives have captured the nation’s attention this morning by playing directly to Canadian identity.

The Secrets of Influence

Many of today’s social media influencers have hit the sweet spot with their followers, between providing trusted insight and paid promotion. What makes this balancing act work is an influencer’s level of authenticity and the trust they’ve built with a niche following.

Influencer Marketing Tips from Heidi Sullivan

Influencer marketing isn’t about finding people with the most followers. Instead target those with most engaged audiences that fit your brand’s target. Are you doing it right?

6 Amazing Facts About #OSHEAGA2015

Montreal’s Osheaga music and arts festival is one of Canada’s most popular outdoor music events with over 135,000 attendees visiting Parc Jean-Drapeau between July 31 and August 2. This year was the festival’s 10th anniversary and to celebrate its continued success we monitored its popularity on social media and wanted to share what we found.

Rogers Cup Social Media Guide

Rogers Cup is Canada’s premier tennis event attracting hundreds of thousands of fans to events in Toronto and Montreal as well as millions watching from home. We used our social software to track the conversation on social media to find out who is talking about the tournament and what they are saying. You will also find a list of the top players’ social handles so you can follow along throughout the matches.

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