Cision Strategy

Why Memes Matter: The Good, the Bad the Viral

Once you get beyond the idea that you actually own the rights to your content, lots of opportunities open up. Learn why memes matter to brands and marketers today.

Cision’s Journey Continues: Thoughts From Our New CEO

Over the years, I have found that a big part of being prepared for the future is understanding the past. Today, as I embark on an exciting new chapter and challenge, I can’t help but reflect back on 25 years of twists and turns in the road that brought me here.

7 Instagram Tourism Marketing Tips

Summer’s here for all intents and purposes and with that comes selfies, sunsets, cocktails and canoes. For Lisa LaVecchia, vice president and CMO of the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC), those photo opportunities represent a powerful marketing and branding tool via social media for Canada’s fourth largest province.

3 Ways Cision PR Edition Can Help You Work Smarter

Communication professionals have more on their plate than ever before – we’re creating rich-content, pitching journalists, and reporting back on the success of our work. Doing all of that without the right tools for the job can make our work lives unbearable.

What Is “Made in Canada” and How Can It Affect Your Communication Strategy?

In early March, Canada’s largest grocery store chain Loblaws pulled French’s Ketchup from its shelves eliciting a social media uproar […]

The Work Habits Destroying Communication Professionals (And How To Avoid Them)

Is work killing you? Avoid these three habits and get more out of work and life. Find balance and be happy!

3 Spins on One Marijuana Story

Marijuana in Canada is moving from the black market to big business and both new and existing organizations are looking to capitalize on the new industry. Find out how three industries are positioning themselves for the future.

How to Build a Modern Agency

Earlier this week we shared insights from Amanda Riva, the CEO of THP, a creative agency that specializes in servicing food and lifestyle brands. In our interview we discussed tips on how to build a successful Instagram and Snapchat channel. We also discussed how she's grown her business since 2012. Riva's agency has grown from three employees to now over 50 and into a 16,000 square foot office space in downtown Toronto. This year the agency is opening an office in the UK.

Social Media Image Dimension Guide

A picture is worth 1,000 words but only if it is the right size to be optimally viewed in a browser window or application. Social media headers and profile images are, in many cases, the first experience someone will have with your brand. You wouldn’t want the logo on your office building to be distorted or warped, or an ad in a magazine to be cropped so that half your logo is missing - it would be a disaster. Avoid such a disaster and review these tips and images sizes for your social channels.

What PR Pros Can Learn From Car Advertising

New cars might be able to park themselves but they have yet to become self-selling. Fortunately for manufactures, newspapers have proven to be valuable partners in this effort and public relations professionals have a lot to learn from that process.

How to Build a Winning Demand Generation Strategy  

Lead generation is as important to public relations as news mentions. In this two part series, we will break down the eight best practices for a winning demand generation strategy. Here are the first 3 tips:

How to Stay CASL Compliant

By this point if you haven’t heard about the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) you are probably in trouble. Last July […]

The Real Winners of the JUNO Awards

Last month’s JUNO Awards had Canada’s top musicians vying for the coveted statues. While record sales and a predetermined governing […]

Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Relationships with the Media

Spreadsheets are just like anything else. No matter how awesome something is – whether it’s chocolate or Benedict Cumberbatch – […]

Get Your Brand’s Media Coverage on Your Website

Stop losing time updating your website Life in public relations is busy. Really busy. That’s why your time is too […]

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