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How to Evaluate a Social Media Listening Platform

Understanding what your company needs in a social tool is most important. There is a difference between social listening and social media management.

Cision Celebrates a Golden Night at the 2018 AMEC Awards

It was a golden night for Cision at last night’s AMEC Awards, as its companies took home a combined 12 prizes, including four […]

AI and the Future of Sentiment Analysis in PR

We have all heard the buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence, but a term that is relatively new to […]

Understanding Web Analytics Integrations: How to Maximize PR Strategy With Cision Comms Cloud™

Learn more in this overview for comms and PR pros that dive into in-platform applications.

Why it’s Worthwhile to Pay For Media Monitoring

Gathering metrics, analyzing data and measuring against objectives/competitors can be more than a full-time job — one that can’t be done using free tools.

Why Your Company Needs Media Monitoring

How the media responds to your message, and what you do with that response are often overlooked but crucially important. Learn how media monitoring can help.

Four Tips for Marketers Looking to Understand Diverse Audiences

Small businesses that once serviced niche audiences are now just a few clicks away from customers all over the globe. […]

Nine Things You’re Not Doing (But Should Be) With Media Monitoring Software

Tracking what people are saying about you isn't the only task a media monitoring system can help you complete. Make the most of your software with these 9 tips.

What is Media Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

As a PR pro, after every communications campaign, you may often ask yourself — what was the impact of my efforts? Consider this familiar scenario ...

How to Use Google to Write the Best Headline for your Press Release

Let’s face it — it’s extremely difficult to attract audiences. Even if you have the most ground-breaking news in the […]

Understanding Web Analytics Integrations: Laying a Foundation

From traffic to revenue, web analytics provides a clearer picture of how audiences and consumers engage with websites, and prove return on investment (ROI).

How to Fix a Failing Content Strategy

Content marketing is no longer enough. Today, brands must attract customers with high-quality content, impacting their target audience through an array of online channels.

What PR Can Learn From Digital Advertising

If PR can learn to incorporate the analytical aspects of digital display advertising, it will be primed for great success and further investment.

How to Boost PR Campaigns With Social Data

As social media becomes woven into the workflow of communications professionals, it can feel daunting to understand what content will resonate with your influencers and the target audiences that engage with them. Learn what influencers are saying about your brand on social.

Cision Enters the New Year with Acquisitions that Enhance Media Monitoring and Analysis

Here at Cision® we had a very busy holiday season.

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