Best Practices

Six Simple Steps for Creating Viral Content

You know the feeling: You see something on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat that you must share with friends. But what if you’re on the other side of the coin, figuring out how to create content that people will want to share? How do you make something readers will want to put on their timelines?

Cision Reveals New Brand

VP Nick Bell explains how he refocused the brand image to better reflect Cision’s vision, which is to elevate the art, science and impact of the communications profession.

Best Practices for Communicating Your Rebrand

Change is in the air as many brands have undergone a makeover in recent months. As the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre […]

Six Tactics for Uncovering Your Brand’s Story

When it comes to branding, PR and marketing pros have many effective tactics at their disposal. Storytelling is at the […]

Three Ways to Rev Up Your Company Blog

There’s no question that relationships between companies and their customers have shifted significantly toward the personal. We see it every […]

No, Advertising is not Dead

Advertising continuously renews itself. The difference today is that it will be audiences and influencers who disseminate those messages opposed to direct display advertising.

How PR Pros can Streamline the Pitching Process

Here are a few ways you can streamline your pitching process.

Understanding Influencers and the Benefits of Borrowed Trust

This post is an excerpt from the ebook, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore.  Digital marketing success is […]

Creating Inspirational Marketing Moments for Your Customers

Here are a few simple and creative ways your brand can create experiences that move people from inspiration to action.

Best Practices for Listening to Competitors

This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore.  Competition for attention and […]

Driving Business Results with Measurable PR Goals

The only way a PESO model can give PR pros a seat at the executive table is to measure, measure, […]

Captivating Customers in the Age of Distraction

As marketers and storytellers, it’s up to us to not only get our brands in front of consumers but to also pique their interest instantly so they don’t scroll right on past.

Why Your Brand Should Embrace Customer Complaints

This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore.  Are you listening—REALLY listening—to […]

Removing the Boundaries Between Business and Philanthropy

Businesses of all sizes have a lot to gain from pairing their operations with a social cause. Many companies are […]

What is the Future of Paid, Owned and Earned Media?

If advertising as we know it is truly dead, what’s next for paid, earned & owned media? This week for […]

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