Best Practices

How Earned Media Impacts Consumer Trust and Lead Generation

Despite rising consumer distrust in traditional media, the growing power of social influencers and the fragmentation of media, the opportunity for […]

Why Social Sharing is an Important Step in the Pitching Process

The mantra in the newsroom used to be, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Today’s new buzz phrase is, “If it’s […]

Four Key Elements for Writing High-Quality News Releases

Generating and distributing your brand’s vital news is an important part of how you stay relevant in the minds of […]

The Future of PR Measurement With Kevin Akeroyd (Video)

Recently, Steve Barrett, Editor-in-Chief of PRWeek sat down with Cision CEO, Kevin Akeroyd to talk about the future of PR, […]

The Difference Between Paid & Earned Influencer Relationships

While we’ve learned about the differences between paid, owned, and earned media, there’s a new frontier coming to light. Actually, […]

Five Tips for Creating a Coordinated Email & Social Strategy

Recent reports have found that key players in the food and beverage industry — including Hershey, Campbell, Kellogg, and General […]

Tips for Improving Your Social Media Targeting Strategy

One of the biggest challenges for social media marketers is ensuring that you’re actually reaching your desired audience. The ability […]

Six Pitch Tips for Getting into Holiday Gift Guides

Get ready for a successful holiday gift guide campaign with six tips to help you enhance your pitching efforts.

Tips for Writing Impressive Keynote Speaker Announcements

Everyone has experienced a time at a party or gathering when that one song comes on that everyone loves. The […]

Consider These Five Digital Branding Tips

After spending hours constructing the most amazing piece of content, the final step is to include a captivating title and […]

Building the Best Lead Generation Form

Originally authored and published by PR Newswire’s Jaimee Bruening  Blogging can (and should) do more than just update readers on […]

Building Trust With Authentic Content

When it comes to branding, we’re hearing the buzzword “authentic” a lot lately. But what does that actually mean? How can a brand like yours be authentic, especially in its content marketing?

Data, Storytelling, and Communications: Insights from #CisionWorldTour Toronto

Advances in technology will revolutionize your business, but what if your job is more than just a business to you? […]

Creating Awesome Instagram Posts on Your Desktop

Last month, Instagram introduced a feature allowing users to post to Instagram from mobile web browsers. This post will explain how to post directly from a desktop computer, and different best practices as it relates to images, processing, engagement and hashtags on Instagram.

Tips for Distributing Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be an excellent way to raise awareness for a nonprofit organization — to help bring their mission to life and drive intended actions to help support a cause.

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