Best Practices

I’m Lost In Space

Your new website is a responsive work of art. The interface is perfect and, like Homer Simpson’s belly, your site […]

Big Ideas, Small Screen

You may not carry a clapper board or wear a light meter around your neck, but if you’re in PR, […]

That’s my Jam: Podcasts

Because Serial became such a runaway success, it even spawned a parody on Saturday Night Live, a lot of people […]

The Word Evolved: Where Writing Fits

It started with the written word. And it’s long been said that, in addition to being organized and entrepreneurial, PR […]

3 Tips for Launching a Hyperlocal PR Campaign

Social media has shown us that there’s power in niche and hyperlocal communities. A person doesn’t have to be a […]

A Real-Time Pictorial Record

How many of you have been to a conference or keynote speech and noticed an artist at the front of […]

Seducing Search Engines: How to Optimize Headlines and Snippets

As search engines change, so too must content marketers. Thankfully, they don’t have to navigate the ever-changing search landscape by […]

Handshakes, High Fives and Hokey Huddles

Picture this: A group of people who are supposed to be colleagues, but don’t really look the part, are standing […]

Visual Storytelling Through the Years

People say we have only recently become visual storytellers, but look back to ancient cave drawings and you’ll see storytelling […]

How to Create Your PR Measurement Plan

With PR becoming more data driven, we have to be proactive and plan accordingly. We not only have to plan […]

The Future of PR Is Measurement

PR has become a metrics-driven business. Gone are the days where we rely only on AVEs and impressions. Now we […]

6 Reasons Why Journalists Reject Your Pitch

Pitching isn’t easy. Even PR professionals who painstakingly research contacts and outlets, write compelling copy, and persevere with follow-ups might […]

What if PR Stood for People & Relationships? [E-book]

We teamed up with Brian Solis and Gapingvoid Art to explore how relationships are at the core of PR and […]

A Road Map for Working with Influencers

As the brains behind one of the Web’s premier resources for independent travelers, I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens […]

Network like a Pro This Year

When we’re introducing ourselves and our expertise, we have to remember that people really don’t care about us. What they […]

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