Editor Assistant

Shanghai, China Media Research Full-time
Cision是面向公关传播和市场营销专业人士的全球领先的软件和服务供应商。我们的旗舰产品全球企业传播云服务平台(Cision Communications Cloud)是行业领先的通信平台,可提供一流的赢媒体监控和分析,全面的媒体和影响力人群联系数据库,新闻专线发布,企业经营业绩归因。
Cision拥有科技行业中最聪明,最热情的员工。 我们希望您能加入这个团队! 我们通过培训和专业发展对员工进行投资,并赋予他们发展职业的权力--因为衡量我们成功的最重要标准是您的成功。

Main Task:

1. Familiar with the whole process of editing able to manage topic selection, able to plan, edit, write and coordinate independently, have solid writing and text organizational skills
2. Excellent skills of judging professional text, images and designs
3. Responsible for the information content, and process optimization, content positioning
4. Responsible for daily communication and contact, to solve a common problem in the communication process, order information release
5. Responsible for editing the contents to ensure that the contents of overall quality
6. Into details, quick judgement ability, high implementation capacity, high ability in unscrambling English and Chinese articles