Bilingual Client Content Specialist - Evening

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Operations Full-time
Cision Distribution, powered by Canada Newswire, gets people talking about brands and organizations’ news, online and in the media. We operate content distribution services designed to help our clients get the word out to everyone that matters. Discover on how we drive awareness and impact audiences by providing the industry’s most comprehensive, most targeted distribution network that reaches the right influencers across different media platforms, geographies and industries. 
Our team
We come from various backgrounds.  From communication and journalism to history or politics.  We are curious, open minded, avid readers and constantly looking to learn.   Welcome to movies enthusiasts, travelers, poutine addicts, compulsive bakers, wine and beer connoisseurs, medieval role players, scrabble champions, soccer and hockey fans, bloggers, musicians, board games fanatics, artists and others.

Shift - Evening Mon-Fri 4pm - 12am

A day in the life of a News Center Specialist

  • Due to Covid19, our team currently operates from home.  The security of our team members is crucial.  Everyone is equipped with company owned computers and everything is set up by our technical support team so we can work, collaborate and communicate efficiently with our colleagues and clients.  The current situation has brought Cision to rethink the way we are working. Partial or complete work from home accommodations are being evaluated.  Don’t let distance prevent you to put forward your candidacy!
  • As your shift start, you get into your now virtual office, ready to start your day. No matter what time it is, there are always colleagues welcoming you on the chat as the news center operates 24/7.
  • There’s already a lot of activity going on. Your colleagues brief you about the press releases that are currently in preparation or on standby at that moment.  You open the editorial in-house software; you take a look at what is pending to be done and you are ready to jump into the action.
  • Your first assignment is a press release about a major Canadian company listed on the TSX announcing an important acquisition. This will certainly have a positive impact on their stocks.  You need to be careful to set, tag and program this news properly.  A tiny detail missed could have a huge impact. Ooops! You caught a discrepancy in a dollar value between the English and French versions of the press release. A word is also misspelled in the second paragraph.  You call the client and save his day!
  • One of our governmental clients just sent in an urgent advisory.  They are issuing a product recall and safety alert to the population. This needs to be transmitted to the media and the population as soon as possible! Every minute counts. You jump on it! You’re at your best when working under pressure!  That’s great to contribute to Canadians’ wellbeing and safety.
  • You deserve a pause!  It’s exciting to be in the midst of the news buzz but your battery needs to recharge.  You’ll be more focused and productive after taking a break.
  • Your favorite celebrity is launching her own fashion line and has hired a well-known public relation firm to organize the announcement. The press release is to be distributed to all media across the world.  You start working on the various steps needed to make this happen. First, you need to call the client and confirm reception of the request.  While doing so, you take a minute to discuss with him about the possibility of adding some multimedia elements to the text. By experience, you know that this will increase tremendously the visibility of the announcement.  You also have a suggestion on how to tweak the headline for a better SEO. The client is grateful that you shared your expertise.  It’s nice to participate to our clients’ success!  The announcement is still confidential for the moment. But once you’ve pressed the GO button and confirmed that it’s now public, you plan to call your friend to tell her the news as it’s hot from the oven…. She’ll appreciate to be one of the first to know! 
  • It’s the end of your day!  You answered client’s questions on the phone, you had a training session about a new a new product and you distributed multiple press releases to various media audiences.  You’re curious to see which one will make the top stories on your favorite news show tonight.


  • An ease to express yourself in French and English is necessary.
  • An eagerness to help clients and actively participate to their success.
  • A facility to work in a fast pace and highly productive environment.
  • A razor-sharp attention to details, even under pressure.
  • A passion for news, information, stories and texts in all their forms.
  • A capacity to change, adapt and evolve easily.
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