Today’s PR and corporate communications functions cover more ground than ever before. C-level executives can benefit from understanding and supporting PR efforts as aligning strategic communications with business goals can help executives achieve a wide variety of strategic objectives across the organization.

Here are three important ways in which C-level executives can support the efforts of the corporate communications team.


Assist with media relations

Media relations are integral to brand success and is a skill set inherent to the communications pro. The power of earned media to boost brand credibility is undeniable; audiences view earned media as the most authentic and trustworthy form of marketing. Good media coverage not only adds credibility to your brand story, it also boosts SEO, helping you to rank higher within organic searches. Issuing news releases at key milestones is no longer enough to keep your brand in circulation.

How the C-suite can support corporate communications:

Reading your prep materials and making yourself available for interviews with reporters are the best ways for executives to support their communications team’s media relations efforts. If that sounds difficult for you, consider taking part in media training exercises. Becoming a thought leader in your industry or area of specialty can secure you as a credible source of information for reporters.


Own the brand story

PR pros are natural storytellers and are champs at sharing the brand story. Yet it is important they’re not the only ones telling it. The C-suite plays a critical role in using that story to align teams and enhance business growth.

How the C-suite can support corporate communications:

C-level executives across all functions need to internalize brand messaging and communicate it across all departments and levels in the course of regular business.

With regular contributions to the company’s blog, the executives can lend their voice to the brand story, while also becoming a thought leader in their industry.


Populate owned channels with amazing content

With the rise of content marketing, online content now affects 88% of business buyers’ final choice of vendor. Using owned media channels, including websites, blogs and social channels, gives the brand control and provides a place for the curious to come and learn more. The use of multimedia is a proven tactic to catch and keep the attention of the readers.

How the C-suite can support corporate communications:

A good content strategy costs money to deliver. PR and corporate communications teams need business support and resources to do what they need to do. Whether it’s bringing in additional in-house talent, creating an agency or freelancer budget, finding funds for graphic art, video production or photography, or fulfilling a multichannel distribution strategy, ensure the communications team is positioned for success.



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