It started with the written word. And it’s long been said that, in addition to being organized and entrepreneurial, PR pros need to be talented writers in order to succeed. While that is still true, it is no longer enough. In a visual and mobile world, we need to overcome our addiction to text.

That can be tough in an industry where messages are traditionally written and our default mode of communications has been the news release—hardly a bastion of visual imagery. Sure things are changing and the social media release was a step forward, but far too many of us still default to type.

Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, and author of Spin Sucks, has deep roots in writing and believes a movie version is never beer than the original book.

Yet a few years back, she started peppering her prodigious blog content with a self-produced social media video series. There she encouraged her audience to send in questions about PR and digital communications via Facebook and she would answer in a video recording posted on the blog and her YouTube channel.

This served a number of purposes including giving Dietrich’s team a new way to celebrate and engage its community and offer another reason to share Spin Sucks blog content.

Here Dietrich offers tips on how to craft a headline that makes people want to click and reminds us that breaking up copy with subheads or formatted fonts is part of visual storytelling


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Gini Dietrich  is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks, and founder of the SpinSucks blog. She is also a highly sought aer speaker and PR influencer. Find her on Twitter @ginidietrich.

About Martin Waxman

Waxman is a social media, content marketing and communications strategist. He conducts social media training and workshops and teaches digital strategy at University of Toronto. He is President of Martin Waxman Communications and one of the hosts of the Inside PR podcast. Waxman is a member of the South by Southwest Interactive Advisory Board and serves as chair-elect of PRSA Counselors Academy. Find him on Twitter @martinwaxman

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