Because Serial became such a runaway success, it even spawned a parody on Saturday Night Live, a lot of people think podcasts are the latest and greatest way for us to share stories and news. Yet it’s actually been 14 years since RSS pioneer Dave Winer posted a Grateful Dead song to his blog, the true beginnings of podcast tech.

According to social media strategist and podcaster Donna Papacosta, podcasts are basically “Internet radio shows” about nearly any subject under the sun. So you’re bound to find one you like. Plus, they’re easy to follow because you can subscribe.

These days, with Bluetooth-enabled cars and the proliferation of smartphones, you can catch your favourite podcast while driving, at the gym or just walking around town. And they can be effective for both external and internal communications.

When it comes to your own foray into audio storytelling, Papacosta recommends following the four Ps: planning, producing, publishing and promoting your podcast.

It’s also important to remember the job isn’t over when your episode is recorded and available on iTunes or your blog. You still need to create a short, wrien summary of your show for two key reasons: people and Google.

First, you want to give your audience a home to visit to find the links and other details. In order to do this, you need to describe and tag your shows properly so Google can index your content and populate it in search.

With 93% of all online experiences beginning with search that’s more important than ever. Now, slide on your headsets or crank up your speakers—well,not that much—and have a listen to Papacosta’s advice.


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A digital and communications strategist and owner of Trafalgar Communications, Donna Papacosta is an avid podcaster and the author of a forthcoming book on the business of podcasting. Find her on Twitter @donnapapacosta.


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