Spreadsheets are just like anything else. No matter how awesome something is – whether it’s chocolate or Benedict Cumberbatch – nothing is perfect.

The hard truth? Spreadsheets are a bad tool for media lists. Here’s why:

  • It needs you to update it.
  • It wastes your valuable time. Open a spreadsheet, and you’re stuck foreverDead device
  • It becomes outdated the moment you hit “Save.”
  • It doesn’t make searching easy.
  • It doesn’t let you know about new media opportunities.

What’s the best alternative to a spreadsheet media list then?

Here’s What Our Dashboard Can Do:

Update. Constantly.

  • The media is always changing. Your media list should be too.
  • Our database updates 18,000 times a day. Yes, seriously.
  • That means your list updates automatically with new opportunities. All the time.

Boost Media Relationships

  • Public relations is all about media contacts and relationships.
  • We monitor more than 300,000 outlets and have over 1 million contacts.
  • That’s a lot of people to connect with to amplify your campaigns.

Make Your Media Lists Simpler

  • Find the perfect contacts for your campaign with a few keyword searches.
  • Name your search. Save it. Watch it update.
  • Quick, easy, and never out-of-date.

Get More “You” Time

  • No more opening a spreadsheet and getting stuck for hours.
  • Automatic updates means you can focus more on what matters. Like power naps.


Stop using spreadsheets.

Try a better media list with our Free Demo.

About Mira Blumenthal

Mira is a Marketing Associate at Cision Canada where she creates, curates and collects content. Mira is a self-proclaimed literature, art history, and social media nerd who loves coffee, oxford commas, beautiful design, and all things floral.

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