By Naz Araghian, Group Account Manager, energiPR

Many factors are at play in the successful execution of an experiential marketing campaign. With the public relations function taking on more of a leadership role in the development and execution of brand initiatives, it is becoming increasingly important for PR professionals to come up with the big ideas that can drive programs long-term and across all disciplines.

So, how do you make an experiential campaign successful? There isn’t a single recipe or formula that works in every case but keeping the following things in mind is sure to help get any campaign closer to success.

1. Know your goals

Setting clear goals and measureable objectives is key to evaluating the success of a campaign. Do this before the campaign starts and never lose sight of it as you progress.

2. Make it make sense
Never do anything for the sake of doing it. Just because the tactic has worked before, doesn’t mean it will work again. Before deciding to go down the experiential road, make sure the product or service you are promoting is actually worth experiencing.

3. Map out the user experience
Further to #2, for a campaign to make sense, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Will it be easy for a commuter in a busy transit station to take a five-minute stop on their way to work to fill out a form on an iPad? Probably not. The location, props and process should always be developed with the audience in mind.

4. Amplify, amplify, amplify
In the age of “liking” and “sharing,” always think about how the product or service can be experienced online – create an experience that is worth talking about and is easy to share in picture or video format.

5. Remember: You’re a consumer, too!
As PR professionals, we often get so caught up in key messages, target audiences and media lists that we forget we are the consumer! Every once in a while do a gut check and ask yourself if you would engage in the experience you’re asking others to.


About Naz Araghian

Naz has been working in public relations for seven years with experience in many industries including fashion and beauty, health care and pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism, technology and finance. She recently obtained her accreditation from the Canadian Public Relations Society. Connect with Naz on twitter @Naz_Araghian.

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