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There is never a dull moment in a publicist’s work day. Our job is to get it done and look good doing it, especially since we represent our clients brands everywhere we go. We know you’re probably having a busy day so check out our quick guide to find out what you need to dress like a publicist from head to toe – and all the accessories in between.

1. Statement necklace: Typing fast and furious emails, pitching on the phone – these activities make it a challenge to wear fun bracelets or bangles of any sort. Statement necklaces are a staple in every publicist’s wardrobe both for easy wear and of course, they can elevate an ordinary work week uniform in a snap. Who doesn’t enjoy an added sparkle?

2. Bright lipstick: A few swipes of lip colour can take your look from day to night. Since every good publicist attends a lot of events around town, this is an easy way to impress and add polish to your look. Who has time for a blow out anyway?

3. Chambray button down: Looking around the office, there’s no denying that this has become a staple piece in every publicist’s closet. Why? A nice chambray or denim button down holds its form, is basically wrinkle free and keeps you looking smart and put together in a number of outfit combinations.

4. Sneakers: Fridays, especially in the warmer months, are meant to be casual. A great pair of sneakers, Converse or otherwise, keep you looking appropriate yet comfortable and cool. Flip flops are just not appropriate, sorry ladies. Sneakers are also important for event prep, since the first rule of PR is being strong enough to carry a case of beer, boxes of product and who knows what else.

5. Appropriate LBD: This is probably the most important item of a publicists wardrobe. You’ll wear this dress to staff client events, new business meetings and much more. Accesorize, accessorize, and people will say, “What! That’s not the same black dress!”

6. Liquid Eyeliner: If you’re working long hours or just need a lift, a clean line of liquid eyeliner will do the trick every time. Now just watch this cat eye tutorial and you’ll be ready to go.

7. Watch: ALWAYS be on time, or be early when you can. This will go a long way with co-workers and clients. Also, if you’re running around from meeting to meeting, you won’t need to dig around for your cell phone.

8. Cute cell phone case: Please! Do not have a dirty cell phone case! Since your phone might as well be glued to your hand, make sure it’s in good shape. Makeup stains = EW.

9. Cell phone accessories: Headphones are a must if you’re taking a meeting on the run. Invest in a mobile phone charger so that you can charge your battery on the go. The worst thing that can happen to a publicist is being at a client event with a dead battery! Simply unprofessional.

10. Fun blazer: After all, you’re a publicist, not a bank teller! Take advantage of looking professional yet stylish. Tip: keep a blazer at the office just in case something pops up unexpectedly.

11. Cosmetics bag: Make sure you have the necessary tools for a touch up in your purse at all times. Toss some mints, bobby pins, hair elastics and maybe even a toothbrush and toothpaste in there for good measure.

12. Comfortable (yet attractive) booties: Yes, you want to dress to impress at client events, but hobbling around in an uncomfortable pair of pumps just won’t work. Remember, Samantha Jones is a fictional character. You need to be able to look “cute” and be able to chase a camera, a cab, or whatever it may be, at a moment’s notice.

13. Cross body bag: Publicists need to have their hands free at events, to hold a clipboard, a walkie talkie, cell phone or other. Invest in a cross body bag or clutch to store your event essentials which should include your phone charger, mints, and business cards to name a few. This is especially important for working Toronto’s largest events like World MasterCard Fashion Week and TIFF.

14. Notebook: Do not show up anywhere without a notebook in hand. If your boss calls you over, if you’re meeting a journalist at an interview, whatever you’re doing just assume you may need to take notes. Keep it looking somewhat in order, you don’t want your client to see your silly doodles or nasty coffee stained pages. It happens.

15. Umbrella: If the forecast says there’s a chance of rain and you have an important client event that day, just bring an umbrella. You’ll be happy you did. Anecdote: Recently on a press day, the driver and the hotel concierge both did not have an umbrella on hand for the talent – thankfully the publicist did!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to dressing like a publicist, now get out there!

Where do you get your best PR looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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