By Dena Jackson, @denajackson

RSS feeds are a great way to keep PR practitioners up to date on the latest news.  Here are some notable readers to source and curate the latest buzz.


A Cision favourite! A magazine-style news aggregator produced by Google. It collects news feeds and aggregates content into custom categories – you can promote straight from the application. Web iOS and Android enabled.


For those of you that love lists. This application works on iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms. Read and share content instantly!


Recently acquired by Linkedin, it’s an app that provides all your content in a pinterest-like mosaic. For Android, iOS and HTML5 browser.


Miss Google reader? Here’s a platform that provides a similar look and feel to the old platform.

Feed Notifier

Like pop-up notifications? Get alerts when a new article appears in your subscriptions.


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With a seasoned background in theatre, travel and PR, Dena is the Manager of Analysis Services on the Cision team. Having worked in both consumer and entertainment PR, Dena has a strong knowledge of the communications industry. She is a food, wine and travel blog addict and loves photos diaries. An avid performer and skillful chef, Dena has an undergraduate degree from Queen’s University and a post graduate certificate in public relations from Ryerson University.

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