By Jennifer Rideout @JenniferKR

This week, Twitter rolled out new profiles for all users. A hybrid of Facebook and Pinterest, the new profiles (finally) take advantage of a user’s entire computer screen and give higher priority to images. Lots and lots of images. Here’s what mine looks like: @JenniferKR.

While the rollout was announced in early April, many brands have yet to activate the new layout.  Before your brand – B2B or otherwise – makes the move, here are five tips to help you take full advantage of the new Twitter profile design.

1. Put your best image forward. Twitter’s new profile header is a massive 1500×1500 pixels, and will attract the most attention from your visitors. Unlike Facebook, which initially restricted brand cover photos with rules against sales or promotions, Twitter has left the profile header entirely up to users.

Tip: Use the header to illustrate your brand’s culture, products, promotions or fan-submitted content.

2. Pin it to win it. Users can now pin a tweet to the top of their timeline, ensuring all visitors to their profile see a specific message. There are no refresh timelines set for Twitter, so the tweet will stay pinned to the top for as long as you want it to be seen.

Tip: Carefully plan your content calendar to include key tweets you want pinned for higher visibility with followers. Choose tweets that promote a key message, promotion or value of your business.

3. Are you sure that’s your favourite? In the new design, more emphasis has been given to ‘favourite’ tweets and they now appear as a viewable option – alongside tweets, photos/videos, following and followers – underneath your header image.

Tip: Leverage the ‘favourites’ function to showcase customer testimonials by favouriting positive tweets from users as you see them.

4. It’s all about the photos. In addition to larger profile photos and the massive header image, new Twitter profiles give greater emphasis to your photos and videos. In fact, they are the first filter option for visitors to your profile. That, combined with the fact that tweets with images receive 150 per cent more retweets, means your brand needs to get creative with images.

Tip: Take advantage of the focus on visual elements to tell your brand’s story through pictures. Share behind-the-scenes images, the evolution of your logo and employee stories through simplified graphics.

5. Tell a cohesive story. With the redesign, Twitter now has many similar features to Facebook and Pinterest – pinning an image, larger header images, etc. This makes it easier for community managers and social media managers to develop a strategy (and assets) that cross platforms, as similar tactics can be leveraged for multiple accounts.

Tip: Present a cohesive brand image across your social media platforms to give fans and followers a consistent experience. Use header and cover photos to promote the same campaign, and include social media account names to cross-promote accounts.


Have you switched to your new Twitter profile yet, or have other tips to share? Please leave a comment below.

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As Senior Consultant at StrategicAmpersand Inc., Jennifer Rideout works closely with clients in the IT industry to provide effective, timely and relevant communications, strategy and media relations support. Since joining StrategicAmpersand in 2007, Jennifer has worked with various technology clients, utilizing her experience in media relations and exceptional writing skills to develop written materials, blog posts, social media strategy, support global product launches and facilitate interviews with local and national media. Jennifer is a recipient of the 2007 IABC Gold Quill Award and CPRS Gold ACE Award for Student PR Campaign of the Year, and holds an honours bachelor of applied arts degree from the University of Guelph and a public relations diploma from Humber College. You can find Jennifer on Twitter at @JenniferKR.

About Jennifer Rideout

As Senior Consultant at StrategicAmpersand Inc., Jennifer works closely with clients in the IT industry to provide effective, timely and relevant communications, social and media relations support.

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