When we’re introducing ourselves and our expertise, we have to remember that people really don’t care about us. What they really care about is the value we have for them. When we remember that, we can turn every introduction into an opportunity this year.

Unfortunately, many professionals say too little or too much – and it’s all about them. For example, when you say: “I’m a PR officer for ABC Company” – that says a little bit about you and what you do, but not much. Then there’s the other extreme: “I’m in PR; I write, and I do media relations, and I prepare presentations, and I manage publication design . . . and I  blah . . . and I blah . . . and I blah . . .” . . . and we stopped listening after the first dozen words or so. Because again, you’ve told us nothing about what your have for us.

How about this instead: “Did you ever wish you could put your company in the business media? That’s what I do!” That’s short, to the point, and it describes your value, but here’s one I like better: “I tell the world about companies like yours.” It hints at the value of what you do without revealing details. It’s just vague enough that it begs the listener to ask “How do you do that?” And when they do that, you have an open invitation to tell all about yourself and your services, what you do, how you do it and how you could be of benefit to the listener.

So when you introduce yourself and your services  this year, hint about the value you provide with just enough information to make the listener curious. Make them ask for more, then deliver!

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