Rustin Banks, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Tap Influence left a career launching satellites into space, to help build an industry where he uses influencer marketing to propel brand objectives.

On this episode of the Influence Pros Podcast, hosted by Heidi Sullivan, Cision’s Senior VP, Product, Sullivan speaks with Banks about how he grew Tap Influence and why he took on the challenge to help make blogging profitable for content creators.

He also shared tips on how to evaluate influencers based on data, but we wanted to take a moment to share three of our own.

1. Try before you buy

If you aren’t sure whether you should invest a large amount of money into a blogger program, buy into an influencer’s Instagram account or a blogger’s display ads as a way to evaluate efficacy. Crawl, walk and then run.

Sponsored Instagram posts can vary in costs depending on the influencer. Even the act of negotiating the of one, and seeing the results, can tell you a lot about whether you want to work with someone in greater detail.

The data you get back can tell you everything you need from a metrics standpoint, and the process itself can illustrate an influencers professionalism.

2. Review engagement rates over follower count

Influence is about driving people to take action. If someone has thousands of followers but their posts receive little engagement, compared to their follower base, it shows the influencer has little sway over their large audience.

When evaluating a set of influencers compare the engagement on their 20 last posts to their follower counts. Understanding this relationship provides deeper insight than audience size alone and can drive more bang for your buck.

3. Review post regularity

When you want to work with a blogger knowing their publishing schedule is a great way to start the conversation. It also provides insight into whether the relationship will fit with your brand’s content and marketing strategy.

Find influencers who post at times that are advantageous to your brand, or, at a regularity so that a sponsored post will not overburden their audience.

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