CBC News recently published a satirical article remarking on how Canada Post’s C.E.O. Deepak Chopra has the same name as the recognizable spiritual guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra. In it, the author challenged readers to identify which Chopra is credited with saying each of seven statements.

To help figure that out, we’re going to show you: 1) how common of an issue this can be with news monitoring and 2) how to circumvent it in your own searches.

Public relations professionals often face issues when monitoring a brand because the company has a similar name to another organization, city or person or thing — nouns, got to love them. If you don’t have a good filter you can waste a great deal of time sifting through for the content you actually want to report on.

In this case searching for comments specifically made by Deepak Chopra actually isn’t that hard, if you know how to build the search. The key is setting up rules for your search within a media monitoring tool that exclude common biographical data between both searches. Such as, we know the Dr. Chopra is not the C.E.O. of Canada Post so we can set a rule up to filter those hits out. Similarly, we know the C.E.O. Chopra is neither a guru nor a doctor.

Here’s what our search string looks like for each Dr. Deepak Chopra:

Dr Deepak Chopra:

(“Deepak Chopra”~3) AND (“Dr.” OR “M.D.” OR doctor OR guru OR meditation OR “author*” OR spiritual OR “thinker*” OR medicine) NOT (“canada post”)

As you can see, we’ve added a rule to find the words like “Dr.,” “MD,” “guru” and “author” within three words of “Deepak Chopra”. This will capture all mentions of his name within three words, before or after, of those phrases.

The results below include announcements of Dr. Chopra’s speaking slots at conferences and articles discussing his healing practices.


For Chopra the C.E.O., we used as similar rule set, but substituting “Canada Post” in place of “Dr.” or “guru.”

This is the search string we used for Canada Post’s CEO.

Deepak Chopra, CEO, Canada Post

(“Deepak Chopra”~3) AND (“canada post”)

The articles found below for the Canada Post C.E.O. include those from the CBC discussing a strike talks between Canada Post and its union.


You can get more granular in your filtering these search regionally but undoubtedly Dr. Chopra has fans here in Canada too. So next time you think it is a challenge to parse words between similar brands or people remember there is a software solution available to make your job easier.

Learn more about Cision Canada’s PR monitoring today and book a demo with our team.

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