PR-Measurement-Data-Driven-Businesses-Drive-RevenueThree in five executives don’t fully understand PR’s role and capabilities. Why then would they invest more in it?

Advertising value equivalency once was the gold standard in showing the impact of media impressions, but it has since been surpassed by more concrete and accurate metrics.

The industry has made major leaps in PR measurement, allowing you to show the C-Suite (or clients) your PR efforts’ bottom line impact.

What are some other advantages? Businesses with data-driven habits are three times more likely to see an increase in revenue and customer engagement and loyalty.

So where do you start measuring the value of your PR?

Our free tip sheet “How to Replace AVE for Modern PR Measurement” reviews the Barcelona Principles and will show you how to:

  • Increase revenue and customer engagement with data-informed PR
  • Gain a seat at the table with concrete metrics
  • Implement a PR measurement program immediately

Don’t delay! Get started with your PR measurement today.

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James Rubec is a data geek, a former public relations lead and journalist with a love of content and advocacy. Ask him anything @JamesRRubec and be sure to follow @Cision_Canada

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