Business-to-business sales can drop as much as 20 to 30 per cent in the vacation-filled days of summer. Even with the cooler summer forecasters are predicting, your business can’t afford that dip. The same is seen on website and blog traffic, but there are things you do today to help mitigate this drop that will help your overall performance throughout the year.

1. Data collection and manipulation

If you are using data correctly you can identify sub-categories in your client list that are more likely to be active in the summer. Look for industry types that are historically active during the summer and double down on messaging to their industries.

But communicators work with words right? Sure, but we are increasingly working with numbers to tell stronger stories and prove our value. Understanding where and how data is collected can help you understand trends in the industry and enables you provide tangible benefits to the business.

BrandJournalism_WPgrpahics-222. Media content relationship management

Don’t let summer arrive and find you still figuring out who to contact for your summer promotions. Tap into your network now and find the influencers that will be the best allies for your content. Great content can still cut into the margarita season, but you’ve got to make some calls and book influential voices for your blog content.

How does this helps all year? In the summer we all need to be able to do more with less when your team shrinks the partnerships we forge through personal relationships bring the most value.

3. Leadership and people management

A big reason that sales dip in the summer is that people tend to become more disengaged from work due to impending trips for themselves or clients who are M.I.A. Fight this now by working with your team to build new incentives for summer sales like internal contests that can help drive business activities when people would prefer to be on a patio.

Can’t we do this at any time? Absolutely! To do this you need to maintain strong relationships with a variety of interdependent departments in your organization. This practice alone will help you build a strong voice for your ideas. In times of brand crisis, this is absolutely integral to survival. A creative idea tied to an internal contest could be just what your organization needs to meet target.

4. Integrated marketing

Plan a summer campaign with your marketing team to drive website traffic and leads. Additional targeted ad spending before the summer dip can help keep your sales organization flush with new leads to work when the influx slows down. July could be a record month!

What do I need to know to make this happen? A fluency in the modes of paid, earned, owned and shared media is a good start, but do you know how these puzzles pieces fit into a brand’s full marketing strategy and fill a conversion funnel? Marketing and communications departments are becoming more cross-functional and so should your skill set. Learn about Google AdWords and Facebook advertising and also learn how to measure you campaign ROI using a CRM. If your organization isn’t using these tactics already, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity for future growth.

5. Design and photography

The summer months are ripe opportunities for content creation. Get out your camera, start shooting, and brush up on your PhotoShop skills to fill your brand’s Instagram feed and blogs with expertly-edited, stunning visuals that attract more eyeballs.

How do I sell this to my team? More than 4,500 images are shared every second on Instagram. That contributes to more than 2 billion images uploaded to the Internet every day. As a generation of content consumers move toward visual mediums, communicators need to be as fluent with the visual language of images as they are with text. A visual communications strategy will be a “thing” in the not so distant future.

The summer is slow for everyone use the Cision PR Edition to reach out to influencers and bring them into your campaigns today.


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